"pollo" is the basic enterprise of the Ukrainian holding company "Corporation" Talskyy and Co ".

Structure of the holding company includes private firms: Ukrainian-Italian "I..C.. International Marketing .." Ltd. (1999),
Joint-stock company "Insurance company "Sun Life" (1995),
Private company Elitmolproduct (2006)
All-Ukrainian charitable fund "International Contact Club" (1998), and also number of small private enterprises with and general number of the working more than 480.

The basic directions of the holding's activity are: - medical and medical-pharmaceutical activity, including trade of the medicinal agents (40 % of the annual turnover);
- the external trade and distribution of the medical cosmetic products "Sisel"(30 %);
- medical-insurance and financial - investment activity (20% of the annual turnover);
- repair - building and woodworking activity (3 %).
-Dairy products processing (20%).

Our clients and partners are more than 200 privately owned enterprises and joint ventures representing non-governmental sector of economy, and also more than 12000 private persons in all regions of Ukraine.

Holding has own premises to the total area of 43.800 sq.m., including: - Manufacturing and administrative warehouse complex Apollo Ltd., Kyiv city, to the total area of buildings and manufacturing-warehousing premises - 40000 sq.m.;
- Dairy products processing factory, Chernivtsi city, 3000 sq.m.;
- Medical business-centre, Chernivtsi city, 800 sq.m.

"APOLLO" Ltd. is the diversified enterprise with the collective form of the responsibility. General director of "APOLLO" Ltd. and President of the corporation " Talskyy and C0 " is Talskyy Rostyslav Borysovych. Corporation " Talskyy and C0 " covers: - "Apollo" Ltd.;
- JSC"Insurance company "Sun Life" ;
- Ukrainian-Italian JV "I..C.. International Marketing .." Ltd..
- Private company Elitmolproduct

The main activities of Apollo company:
- manufacture, wholesale and retail realization of the pharmaceutical preparations;
- all kinds of health services, including stomatology;
- granting of services under the medical insurances;
- manufacturing of the sewing goods;
- trade of the sewing, knitted, leather, fur and other goods;
- repair - construction works;
- woodworking;
- desiccation of wood;
- public catering: restaurant, cafe- cookery;
- Dairy products processing;
- Dairy products sale;

Structure "APOLLO" Ltd. includes the following structural subdivisions:
- Pharmaceutical department,
- Medical - diagnostic centre of "APOLLO" Ltd. with the clinical - diagnostic laboratory and stomatological service,
- Wood-working shop of "APOLLO" Ltd. ,
- Repair - building subdivision;
- Dairy products processing factory, dairies.

President of the "Talskyy and Co" corporation is Rostislav B. Talskyy
Apollo Ltd.
Apollo Ltd.
Apollo Ltd.

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